Saturday, May 2, 2015

9 Funny Facts About Indians - You May Know

How funny we indians are in some Way! 9

1) Ask for free “Extra Paani” after you have eaten and paid for your Golgappa.


2) When buying peanuts or ground nuts or Chana-Chor-Garam it is ok to keep on munching freebies from the display area till the time your order is getting packed. It is your birthright!


3) Always ask for free sherbut after you have super sucked your Kala Khatta Gola back into ice


4) You do not forget to give ‘MISSED CAL


5) You get really sad when someone tells you post a wedding party “Arey yaar tumne Jalebi miss kar di, panipuri ke left me thi”


6) You won’t have your breakfast and will starve yourself if you have been invited for a Lunch Buffet.


7) You see the price tag first, before saying a dress is good or not….


8) You might spend 50 rs on a Samosa in the food court of a theater but would never buy a $0.99 app from the App store.



9) You do only window Shopping in Shopping Malls, and really go and Purchase from Local Market Offers